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Adding an Family History

Many visitors value the 'AR' presentation so much they want to add their own Family History.

'AR' starts with well cited histories by careful geneapographists and researchers.
Each history is translated into 'AR style' webpages and a Deluxe CD to share with others.
A review copy (an abridged version of the CD) is also posted on 'AR' website.

If your Family History qualifies, your inquiry is welcomed.


'AR' Listing Requirements.


Documentation and Authorization

.   1. Family Histories must be well documented.
The value and credibility of any family history depends on the quality of the sources cited. The website is designed to display histories that possess such credibility.
.   2. Documentation must cite credible sources.
Primary sources (i.e. Vital records, property records, probate records, family bibles etc.) and valued secondary sources (i.e. town histories, published genealogies, genealogy journal articles, trusted visitations etc.) are preferred. Citing histories and internet files prepared by others that lack documentation - or citing LDS records not extracted from public records - is poor scholarship. Since many family family histories may contain a mixture of 'quality' and 'questionable' documentation, they may need careful review and either pruning and/or the addition of geneapography qualifiers.
.   3. The Author is responsible for copyright compliance.
Any use of copyrighted material is expected to comply with applicable copyright laws. That is, many reference sources are protected by copyright laws requiring only incidental use, appropriate recognition when cited, and oftentimes the permission of the copyright owner. Similarly, many states have laws restricting the public release of information about currently living individuals.
.   4. does not guarantee relationships.
The validity of any relationship relies on the cited documentation and Author's interpretation. Evidence from uncited sources (newly discovered or overlooked), interpretations by others, and evidence from uncited or future DNA testing may suggest an alternate relationship. No family history - or a website like - can therefore guarantee every indicated relationship is correct. Authors are also encouraged to use geneapography's quality labels where appropriate.
.   5. Family histories may be removed for non-compliance. agrees to provide the Author of any history with a CD containing the submitted database in the 'AR' format (i.e. with pages and links like on this website). It will also display the history on its website provided a) it does not violate applicable copyright and other laws; b) it does not contain objectionable content; and c) it does not suggest important relationships which other qualified persons can disprove or question using acceptable primary source documentation.
.   6. 'AR' authorized to reproduce each family history. has created a unique format for presenting family histories in CD format and on its website. The Author of any submitted history expressly authorizes to display it on this website and to sell additional CD's (including documentation) at its own cost.

Format for Submissions

.   1. Submitted files must use GEDcom or Legacy format.
'AR's processing programs are not currently structured to handle databases submitted in any other format (but keep tuned - 'AR' is evaluating other formats).
.   2. Authors may be asked to modify submitted files.
For example, 'general notes' and 'marriage notes' will be selected for display as linked notes, but no 'events' lines are presently included (this may change if there are enough requests to do so). Certain characters in names, dates or elsewhere may not convert correctly and may need to be modified, while others can be added to utilize all features of the 'AR' presentation. While a 'format standards' document is available, additional items in a database - not anticipated in 'format standards' - may also need revision.
.   3. The Author is responsible for choosing Surname pages. uses a 'multiple lines of descent' architecture that includes many separate Surname pages. Each Author should assure that important family lines take priority over less important ones. The 'multiple lines' structure always shows a daughter's children (and descendants) on the Surname page of her male partner. Conversely, if a daughter's partner lacks a Surname page, their descendants are shown on her Surname page (despite their having the male partner's surname).
.   4. The Author is responsible for source citations.
While source citation formats may vary from person to person, sufficient information should be present that a CD user can easily find and review a specific citation (i.e. it should include details like title, author, publisher, edition, journal name, volume #, page number, webpage url, etc.).
.   5. The Author is responsible for icon links and bios.
The format allows for placing an icon header (like 'Revolutionary War Veteran') above a person's name. Other headers can link to Wikipedia or other website pages, and to Author provided biographies and photographs. The Author is expected to provide the database # of each person needing an icon, URL addresses, and any biography texts and digitized photos.

Setup and Update Fees

1. Setup Fee.
A setup fee of $250 covers processing a database of up to 2500 names, translating it to a Deluxe CD in unique 'AR style' format, and posting an abridged version of it on 'AR' website for 1 year. Authors receive 10 copies of the final Deluxe CD, can purchase additional copies at half price, and receive a 10% royalty on sales of their CD made by 'AR' to third parties. Setup involves sending 'AR' a useable database; a list of desired separate Surname pages; reasonable extra content (i.e. bios or photos); and a completed questionaire noting such items as persons with special icon lines or photos. The Author then receives an interim CD for review and revision. A final CD is then created and a review copy is posted to 'AR'.
2. Annual and Interim Updates.
Authors are requested to delay submissions to 'AR' until they have a near complete Family History. Once a final Deluxe CD is created and a review copy posted to the website, revisions will incur an update fee. A $50 Annual Fee guarantees a Family Genealogy will remain on the 'AR' website an additional year, and allows an Author a one-time update to their Family Genealogy (up to 2500 names) at no charge provided there are no extensive additions or revisions. Additional updates in any year will incur additional update fees.
3. Additional Charges.
Some submissions may require more time due to large or additional special requests, continuing revisions of the database and other items, etc. Such additional time is charged on an hourly basis. Processing of large databases (over 2500 names) or complicated descents may also require special processing.
4. Special Requests.
Many genealogies have special persons and special kinds of documentation for presentation (like biographies, photos, special associations, etc). These may require added time to edit, program and process. If can accomodate them, time is charged on an hourly basis.
5. Additional CD's.
Each Setup and Update includes 10 final 'AR format' Deluxe CD's at no extra charge. The author (only) can purchase additonal CD's at the special Author's price which is half of the CD's price in the 'AR' CD Store (plus $4.95 S/H for each order), thus allowing them a profit on resale.

How to Contact Us

Send expressions of interest and questions to :

Where applicable, include the following :

  a). Nature of your interest or request,
  b). # of Names in database,
  c). File Format or Computer Program Used,
  d). Status of documentation,
We appreciate your support of the Website.
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